A planning objection letter is your opportunity to let the Local Planning Authority who will be determining the application know about the ways the proposed development will affect you.
The planning system is progressively affording more weight to local views as part of the localism agenda. These days, some applications like prior approvals for large extensions get automatically approved unless neighbours object! Your neighbours proposal could be impacting your light, privacy, noise or parking availability negatively without you even knowing.

We offer a fixed price service: £35 for minor developments, £150 for major developments.

Minor development comprises householder applications (extensions, loft conversions etc), change of use, adverts and developments of up to 9 dwellings. Major development is pretty much everything else!

Using our form, tell us your name, your address, the site’s address and planning application reference number, together with any issues and/or background information you want us to be aware of. After you’ve paid the fee, we will get to work and issue your letter within 3 working days. You are then ready to send it to your Local Planning Authority!

Although planning applications are never straightforward and there is always an element of interpretation of the Local Plan and National Policy to contest, sometimes a development is 100% policy compliant and even Planning Voice will not be able to help. If this is this case rest assured that we will refund you the full fee and offer an explanation as to why we can’t help.

A professionally laid out letter ready to be mailed that describes the site, identifies and describes the constraints, checks planning history, analyses National and Local Policy, identifies material planning considerations, highlight the valid planning issues, builds strong narrative for the proposal’s refusal, linking to National and Local Planning Policy, presents a summary of issues and conclusion.

We are an experienced team of dedicated Chartered Town Planners with over 15 years of planning experience in the public and private sector, who will take the time to understand the application and issues in detail. We are affordable, offering a fixed fee with no hidden costs, and a fast turnaround (3 working days).

3 working days from payment date.

Planning objections are usually submitted online. If you’ve received a notification letter from your local council, it should include clear instructions for the submission of comments.
If you know the address or reference number of an application, you should be able to find it using the public access search facility. In most local areas, you can then submit your comments online using the dedicated form or you could send an email, but don’t forget to include to include the address and planning application reference number.
Absolutely. Your payment is processed through Stripe which is certified.

You can request that your objection is anonymous. However, this is rarely advisable as considerably less weight is given to anonymous objections. Your particular title, occupation or address will likely add weight to your objection. For example, if you are an immediate neighbour of a proposed development, your concerns about overlooking, noise or loss of privacy should be taken into very careful consideration.