Planning Objection Letters

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  • Our initial advice is free. Our letters start at £35 for a bespoke planning objection template with site-specific, valid reasons to object & the relevant policies. Our standard letter costs just £150 and it researches, analyses and exposes the issues in detail and highlights the areas of noncompliance with planning policy for maxium impact. This is an all-inclusive price, with no hidden costs such as VAT.

  • Our objection letters are written by an expert Chartered Town Planner, with years of specialised experience in navigating the complexities of the planning system.

  • Each objection letter is at least 3 pages long and backed by exhaustive research, ensuring a powerful, policy-based objection that focuses on valid reasons to object.

  • We have a high rate of success at stopping harmful planning permissions.

  • Our planning objections are ready in just 3 working days.

  • It is your legal right to object to a planning application. We will help you get your voice across effectively.

  • We are dedicated to 100% costumer satisfaction and pour every ounce of knowledge, experience and dedication in providing our costumers with the best service.

  • We are a verified company on Trustpilot and Chartered Members of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

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✔ Our objections deliver real results, with our clients consistently leaving us 5-stars reviews Trustpilot praising our services. We will go the extra mile to ensure your objection letter truly stands out.


✔ We are a verified company with Trustpilot, Chartered Members with the Royal Town Planning Institute and follow the RTPI Code of Conduct.


✔ Outstanding service doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Our prices are £35 for a beskpoke planning objection template, £150 for our standard letter – applicable to most developments and £300 if the application is for major development.

Access to Specialist Planning Tools:

✔ We have access to specialist planning tools such as Compass, Planning Resource and LandTech. These tools give us unique insights into case law, decisions and policy updates that we use to produce planning objection letters that pack a punch.


✔ Our dedicated team consists of Chartered Town Planners, each with over 15 years of planning experience in both the public and private sectors.


✔ We take the time to thoroughly understand the application and the associated issues. This enables us to deliver an insightful and effective objection letter that truly represents your concerns whilst remaining consistent with planning policy and substantiated by evidence.


✔ With our fast turnaround time, you’ll receive a comprehensive objection letter within just 3 working days.

Planning Objection Form

Send us your enquiry for a free, no-obligation assessment, either on the phone or via email.

Planning Objection Location

If you decide to proceed with just a planning objection template, we will provide you with a letter that includes the specific objection reasons and the policies applicable which you can then costumise.

Planning Objection Delivery Time

If instead you want to use our expertise and knowledge to ensure results, we will draft a powerful, policy-based planning objection letter that explores the detailed issues and focuses on valid reasons to object. We send you a draft in 3 working days for your comments.

Planning Objection Letter

Once you are happy with the letter, we help you submit your objection.

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Our planning objection letter will:

Site Analysis:

We’ll carefully review the site and proposal in question, taking into account all relevant aspects and particulars.

Review of Similar Applications:

Our team will study similar planning applications to better understand and address potential challenges.

Policy Considerations:

We’ll articulate the relevant National and Local Development Policies that should be considered in the evaluation of the proposal.

Reasons for Refusal:

Our letter will clearly highlight all valid reasons why the planning permission should be refused.

Making a Convincing Case:

We’ll present a robust case for the proposal’s refusal, tying together all our points effectively to make the case as strong as possible.

Need Help Navigating the Planning System? Let Us Assist You!

  • The planning system is notoriously complex. Attempting to fully comprehend it and craft a well-structured objection letter in just 21 days can feel daunting. Besides, who has the time for such an intense learning curve?
  • At Planning Voice, we tap into years of planning experience and in-depth knowledge, fuelled by our passion for amplifying local voices in planning decisions.

  • A robust letter signed by a Chartered Town Planner dramatically increases your chances of seeing a planning application either refused or amended to address your concerns.
  • With a professionally written letter, your concerns are more likely to be given the consideration they deserve. Conversely, a poorly written letter might do more harm than good, inadvertently muddying your points and diluting your argument.
  • Let us take the reins, and assure your voice is heard effectively, professionally, and persuasively.

Why Should You Object?

Prevent Automatic Approvals

Some applications, such as prior approvals for large extensions, get approved automatically unless neighbours lodge an objection.

Protect Your Property’s Value

A detrimental proposal could negatively impact the value of your property. It’s essential to protect your investment.

Preserve Your Quality of Life

Your neighbour’s proposal could unwittingly infringe upon your rights, impacting your access to natural light, your privacy, and even your noise levels or parking availability.

Have Your Say Effectively

A professionally crafted planning objection letter is a cost-effective way to make your voice heard in a way that generates real impact and can lead to a successful outcome.