About Us

We excel at creating powerful planning objections that result in planning refusals.

Who we are

Based in Works Social, a coworking space in Nottingham’s Lace Market, our team of expert Chartered Town Planners adopts a strategic and flexible approach, ready to tackle cases nationwide.

Our Expertise

With extensive experience as Chartered Town Planners, we deeply understand the planning process and the key arguments that sway planning decisions. Our years of service in planning departments have equipped us with a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making mechanisms crucial to your planning objection.

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Our Background

We worked many years as Chartered Town Planners in Local Authorities in the Midlands and Southwest and have consulted for private planning firms like Planning By Design and MPD Consultants. Our volunteer work for community organisations like CPRE, the Countryside Charity, and Friends of the Earth gives us unique insights into the complexities of planning processes and effective objections.

Our Network

In addition to case officers, we can consult a wide range of specialists, including Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Ecologists.

Our Approach

We take pride in our high success rate of planning objections that result in refusals. Our meticulous approach involves delivering customised objection letters that include a comprehensive site analysis, scrutiny of its planning history, and critical assessment of relevant planning policies and key issues. This ensures your planning representation not only gets heard but also influences the planning decision-making process.

Our Ethics

We strictly avoid conflicts of interest and have procedures in place to ensure no consultant works on a conflicting project.

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Our Mission

We aim to simplify your life and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Fill Out Our Form:

Provide us with your name, address, the site’s address, and the planning application reference number. Don’t forget to mention any specific issues or background information that we should be aware of.

Make the Payment:

Once you’ve paid the fee, our team will swing into action, applying their expertise to your case.

Wait for Your Letter:

Sit back and relax while we prepare your planning objection letter. You can expect to receive it within just 3 working days.

Send It Off:

Once you receive your planning objection letter, you’re ready to forward it to your Local Planning Authority and stop a planning application!

Our Credentials

We are proud to be Chartered members of the Royal Town Planning Institute, a leading Chartered Institute dedicated to maintaining professional standards and accrediting world-class planning courses, both nationally and internationally. As members, we uphold the highest professional standards and stay informed about the latest developments in planning.

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Planning Objections

Who Can We Assist?

We extend our expertise and services to a wide array of clients:

Local Residents:

We help individuals who are concerned about proposed developments impacting their properties or neighbourhood quality.

Community Groups:

We work with associations and collectives aiming to preserve the character and spirit of their local areas.

Countryside and Heritage Charities:

We help organizations dedicated to protecting our country’s natural and historical assets from inappropriate development.

Town and Parish Councils:

We help local government bodies seeking professional help to formulate reasoned planning objections.